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For all the inquiring minds that want to know:
Help yourself to this copy. I can't remember what its original name might have 
been, and it's been just long enough ago that I don't remember how much editing I 
did for our school. I know I received the original information of its location from 
LM_NET gurus, so it only seems fitting that I should now post it here for others. 
Although the formatting will be lost here, I was able to get 2 copies on one sheet, 
so that it didn't look so overbearing. It has proven to be helpful at finding books 
and breaking tension in the air, too! May it serve you as well.
Liz Frame, Librarian
San Antonio Christian Elementary School
San Antonio, TX 
Where To Look For a Lost Book
(Librarians across the nation have prepared this list) 
FIRST: What does the book look like?

1. Remember that the library book has a spine label.
2. Think of the last place you had the book.
3. Describe the book: how big? Colors? Thick or thin?
4. Is it hardcover or paperback?

If you're not sure, ask the librarian.

NOW, LOOK around the house:

1. In the car (also check under the seats)
2. Under the baby's car seat
3. In the trunk of the car
4. Under the spare tire
5. In the other car
6. In the garage
7. Behind or under the washing machine or dryer
8. In the stroller bag
9. In the recycling bin
10. In my folder or binder
11. In my backpack. In my other backpack.
12. In my sibling's backpacks
13. On top of the piano. In the piano bench
14. Ask the housekeeper
15. In the reclining chair (between the arm and the seat cushion)
16. Under or in back of the sofa (also check under cushions)
17. Under or on top of the kitchen or dining room table
18. Behind the refrigerator (fell off the top)
19. In the freezer
20. On top of, behind, or under the oven & dishwasher
21. On my bedroom bookshelf
(Check all the books turned around backward and behind other books on the bookshelf)
22. On one of the other bookshelves
23. On/in my desk at home. Check sibling's desk
24. Under my bed. Under my sister or brother's bed
25. Between my sheets at the foot of my bed
26. Between my bed and the wall
27. Between the mattress and box springs
28. In the trundle bed. In the crib
29. On top or behind the dresser
30. In the dresser drawers
31. In the closet (check all closets)
32. Under the dirty clothes
33. In the toy box
34. In the bathroom
35. On the back porch
36. In the dog house
37. In the tree house
38. In the back yard
39. In the basement
40. Packed with the Christmas decorations.
41. Under the TV set stand
42. On top of the VCR/DVD player or stereo
43. In the magazine rack or on the coffee table
44. Under the rug
45. Under the newpapers
46. In the moving boxes that haven't been unpacked yet
47. Wherever the maid puts stuff that she doesn't know what to do with. 

LOOK around town:

1. At the doctor's or dentist's office
2. At the local public library
3. At the church/temple/mosque library
4. At my other parent's house
5. At my friend's house (we did homework together)
6. At Mom or Dad's work place
7. Wherever we went on errands recently (bank, etc.)
8. On the boat, airplane, train 
9. At the babysitter's, grandma's, daycare/ after school car

LOOK at School:

1. On the school bus; at the bus stop
2. On the classroom or teacher's bookshelf
3. In my neighbor's or friend's desk (ask their permission first)
4. Way back on the top shelf of my school locker
5. In the cafeteria, gym, music room, etc. 
6. At the school office
7. At the school office or library where my older or younger sibling attends 
8. Ask teacher. Maybe she returned it when I was sick.
9. Ask the librarian - maybe it's on the school library shelf - got put away 
without being checked in.
10. In the school library "Hospital" box - maybe it's being mended
11. At the "Lost and Found" front office desk
12. Ask friends if they've seen it 
Happy Hunting! 

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