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Hi All,
We are switching to the Scholastic Reading Counts Enterprise program from the old 
version we have been using. Long, long ago, before my time, when Reading Counts was 
first used at our school, the teachers using it developed a point system different 
from the one that comes with the program. For example in our "system" Gregor the 
Overlander is 5 points. We require 7 points per trimester etc. It has made a lot of 
extra work for me (changing the points in the computer) and with inevitable errors, 
it has been, at times, confusing for the students. Since we are switching over to 
Enterprise I would like to use this opportunity to use the program as it is set up. 
In other words, use the point system provided. I now need to sell the teachers on 
doing this. I have told them, it's like switching to the metric system, let's just 
do it and in a month or so it will be no big deal. My question to you all is, how 
is the point system used in your school? Do you require a specific number of 
points? If so how many for which grades?

Also, since we previously purchased the specific quizzes we wanted we had control 
over all the titles on the list. With the new program we get thousands of quizzes. 
Do you allow all of them for your list, and if now how do you decide which to use? 
Our school is fairly small and we certainly won't have all the books in the library.

Any information on how you incorporate the Reading Counts system would be 

Angelika Ross
Media Specialist
Oakland Christian School
Auburn Hills, MI<>

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