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I posted the following message a few days ago. This is a reminder that
the deadline for participating in the Library of Congress survey is May
22, 2009. If you have not yet filled out the survey, I urge your
participation. The survey will help the Library of Congress make
cataloging decisions for materials collected by school libraries. 


Some responded earlier that they could not access "ning" Web sites
through their school district networks. Below I have added a
SurveyMonkey Web link that should allow you to bypass the "ning" site.
Thanks for your participation!


--Marilyn McCroskey

AASL Liaison to the CIP Advisory Group to the Library of Congress






I am Marilyn McCroskey, AASL Liaison to the CIP
[Cataloging-in-Publication] Advisory Group to the Library of Congress.
In that role, I have long urged LC to consider the cataloging needs of
school libraries as well as academic and public libraries, since schools
often do not have access to OCLC. I did not have a role in the new LC
survey described below, but I am very glad to see a means for school
librarians to provide input for the Library of Congress. I was a school
librarian years ago in a one-person library, and I remember wishing for
cataloging help from someone. That was in the early days of CIP, which
was a big help to me then.


This survey is your chance to make your cataloging needs known. Your
answers may affect LC decisions about whether to supply full-level
cataloging records for some types of materials, and of course we all
need to find good cataloging records for our materials. LC MARC records
find their way into OCLC and also vendor databases, which may be your
own sources of MARC records.


Here is information posted in the most recent AASL Hotlinks:

The Library of Congress Seeks Input from School Libraries
The Library of Congress has consulted with R2 Consulting, LLC to
determine the usage of LC MARC cataloging records in the U.S., and how
libraries obtain cataloging records. They will use the data to determine
whether they should continue to provide full level cataloging, or modify
their approach. It is very important that school libraries become
involved in this activity.


Some of you may not get AASL Hotlinks, and I wanted you to know about
the survey. The link to participate is:  If
your school network blocks the "ning" Web site, here is an alternate
link to access the survey:  If
you are unable to click the link and get into the survey, copy and paste
the Web address into your browser.


The deadline is May 22, 2009. Your survey responses will not be used
outside of the Library of Congress. I hope for wide participation from
schools! The survey appears long, but you can skip sections that do not
pertain to you, such as formats that you do not collect, so it should
not take too long to fill out. There are spaces to write in comments
along with your checked responses to the various questions. At the very
end of the survey is space to add anything else you want LC to know. 


I urge you to take advantage of this chance to let the Library of
Congress know how you use (or would like to use) MARC records. School
librarians responded very well to the LC Cataloging-in-Publication
survey in 2006. There is new leadership at the Library of Congress,
which may be the reason for the new survey. Please participate!


--Marilyn McCroskey



Marilyn McCroskey

Professor of Library Science

Head of Cataloging, Meyer Library

Missouri State University

901 S. National

Springfield, MO 65897

Ph. 417-836-4541

Fax 417-836-4764


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