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Here is a partial list of books that have been suggested.  I hope this
will be helpful to those of you who are looking for the same AP list of
books. Thanks to ALL the people who wrote to suggest titles!
George Anne Draper, librarian
WHS, Wynne, AR

I would suggest Ghost Soldiers or Blood and Thunder by Hampton Sides  
-- Ghost Soldiers is about the Rangers who liberated aliied POWs in  
the Philippines in february 1945 -- Blood and Thunder is about the  
settling of the Southwest and the Navajos and Kit Carson -- both are  
excellent books and read like stories -- my favorite biography would  
be John Adams by David McCullogh --- again a page turner and great

Devil in a White City

Our seniors have read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and Common
Sense by Thomas Paine.  Another book they have enjoyed is Keys to the
Kingdom by Carmen Bin Laden.

A new book that will just come out on May 21 (I had the ARC) is
Ghosts: A Journey into Family Secrets* by Steve Luxenberg. It's good
historical narrative as well as a fascinating story of a reporter's
for an aunt he didn't know he had. It explores the history of the
of mental illness in the early part of the 20th century. Of course, it
probably won't be available in paperback until at least fall or early
year but it's definitely a good read that has a lot of classsroom and
research possibilities.

My book club just read China Road, by Rob Gifford of NPR fame.  It's a
fascinating anecdotal book on the "real" China away from the cities.

You can try any of these -
Diamond.  Guns, germs and steel
Gladwell.  Blink
Gladwell.  The tipping point
Gladwell.  The outliers
Levitt and Dubner.  Freakonomics
Schlosser. Fast Food nation
Ehrenreich.  Nickel and dimed
Callahan.  Cheating culture
Friedman.  The world is flat
Krakauer.  Into the wild
Boyle.  Tortilla curtain

He is a list of nonfiction books our AP kids are encouraged to read. 
The last one listed is required reading at the Jr. level.
Angela’s Ashes- McCourt
The Autobiography of Malcolm 
X- Malcolm X
Black Boy- Wright
Cheaper by the Dozen- Gilbreth
Fire Next Time- Baldwin
First They Killed My Father-
Gorillas in the Mist- Fossey
Hiroshima- Hersey
Into the Wild- Krakauer
Into Thin Air- Krakauer
Kaffir Boy - Mathabane
The Narrative of the Life of 
Frederick Douglass- Douglass
Tuesdays With Morrie

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