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Here are the responses that I collected on developing an electronic

How to develop an electronic portfolio:

I really like the KEEP Toolkit site created by the Carnegie Foundation.
It is fairly easy to use and there are no ads. I think that there is a
sample there so that you can see how it works.

Here is the link:

I just finished up my Master's and was required to turn in an electronic
portfolio. I set mine up as a "BuILder" at
This website is hosted at the iSchool at Syracuse University, where I
attended library school, and is pretty easy to use if you've worked on any
webpage stuff before.  If not, there's a how-to at that will walk
you through the process of creating one.  You can set it up and edit as
needed as long as you don't submit it for review by the information
literacy folks -- once you do that, it's locked up forever and you can't
make any changes.  If you have a scanner or access to a scanner you can
scan in your hardcopy stuff and post it as an attachment.  Here's the link
to my e-portfolio so you can see what one looks like:

I recently finished my Masters at Syracuse University, and there was a
site available for our use to create portfolios, (as well as lesson plan
You can create a free account and then you want to create a "buILder" as
your portfolio.

Here is my portfolio to give you an idea:

and here is a buILder lesson that I created using it as well:

All in all, it's nice but at the same time limiting in some ways as you will
probably discover if you choose to use this tool. I highly recommend that
you look at it your portfolio in numerous browsers and different
computers,as it might show up a bit different in some.
I scanned in what documents I decided to put in there, though most were
already in my computer, and uploaded them as pdf files to make them
accessible across varying browsers, etc.

I  can suggest PBwiki, or Google
Sites as a free webpage.

At the Syracuse University iSchool, we are being required to create digital
portfolios as of this year. We are using "builders" on the SOS for Info
Literacy site: They are sort of like

Thank you to everyone for their suggestions.

Donnette Mickelson
Library Media Specialist
Colfax Elementary School
601 University Ave
Colfax, WI 54730

"I know what to do..... I read a book"  SpongeBob SquarePants

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