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Yesterday David and I set up an 'open mike' sort of link with Tandbergs
between our schools. It was a lot of fun for the kids. I heard snowfall
comparisons (20 inches in NJ last snowfall and 1/2 inch in south
Georgia--first time in my students' lifetimes it snowed here), dialect
comparisons and discussion, what college are you going to, a spontaneous
singing of Happy Birthday by GA students to one in NJ whose birthday it was,
do you want to come up and take me to the prom--I don't have a date yet,
want to be facebook friends and lots of other interesting conversations.
(They were probably tired of hearing my MovieMaker lesson after 3 or 4

David hasn't posted yet but he has a great idea--let's set up a directory of
school libraries and specify some IP addresses and days to let kids connect
like this in the future. And we talked about collaborating on lessons. I
like the idea of a joint North/South Civil War unit.

Last week at a conference I heard Vicky Davis speak. She is located at
Westwood Academy in nearby Camilla, Georgia. Vicky is the author of Cool Cat
Teacher blog and was featured in the
book The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell, describing her experiences in
setting up collaborative lessons between her students in south Georgia and
students in India, China, and Qatar. As David said yesterday, we aren't
fully utilizing our technology. And, in our more wired world, this is the
kind of thing we should be introducing our students to. My sister works for
aol in Florida and coordinates with the help desk located in India. More and
more jobs are going to demand cross country, cross cultural collaborations
(they already do) and we need to do a better job of getting our kids ready
for it.

So, David, I'm ready to help with this great idea and on board for
suggestions! I'll be happy to help coordinate it.

Cheryl Youse, MLS
Media Specialist
Colquitt County High School
Moultrie, GA

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