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I asked for information about how high school's have instituted SSR.  
Thanks to everyone who responded. Here's the feedback:

SSR Feedback from LM-Net

We do a lousy imitation of it.  In January until March (state wide  
testing) once a week the entire high school does SSR for 10-15 each  
period.  But most teachers give the students something to read that's  
related to their curriculum.  There's very little free choice  
reading.  The teachers do this for two reasons.  1. they can give the  
kids question sheets to make sure the kids are actually reading and 2.  
the hate that they lose the instructional time so they figure they can  
jam more info thru reading.  Makes me crazy!

Karen Manassa-Walstein
Old Bridge High School - Grade Nine Center
Old Bridge, NJ

We've been doing it for years and years.  It's done for 20 minutes  
right after lunch.
There's a great book:  The SSR Manual  by Pilgreen.


Connie Williams
Teacher Librarian / National Board Certified
CSLA past President
Petaluma High School
200 Fair Street
Petaluma, CA 94952

All our middle and high school Communication Arts classes use their  
classes on Fridays as reading days.  Students read for pleasure.


Beth Yount
Library Media Specialist
Marceline R-V School District
Co-Chair Northeast Region MASL
314 E. Santa Fe
Marceline, MO.  64658
660-376-2166 ext. 4150 / 7082

We have a 25 minute homeroom period every day. Channel One is shown  
for @12 minutes of that time. After Channel One we have SSR.  
Unfortunately, no one enforces it; SO, in some classrooms the students  
read (mostly in the library, the English classes & a couple of math  
classrooms)....the other classes use it as a free period.

During this homeroom time there are often class meetings,  
organizational meetings, etc. On those days, those students of course  
do not watch Channel One or read.

The students who do have to read, really do help the circulation  
figures & I notice that some of them are also reading their books  
during their study hall time. It could be a good program if it was  
done correctly.
Linda Hill

At the high school where I used to work, I was on the committee to  
help implement it. We did SSR daily for 17 or 19 minutes (I don't  
remember exactly how it worked out) in the afternoon. We took 2 or 3  
minutes off of each class period - took us from 50 minute classes to  
47 or 48 minute classes - this was not appreciated by many of the lab- 
style classes. It is really important that all teachers "buy into" the  
SSR program.

I work in a different district now. I work in the middle school, but I  
know the high school begins their school day with 20 minutes of SSR. I  
believe they are on a modified block schedule, so I am not sure how to  
describe their day. They underwent a lot of changes to implement SSR  
on a daily basis in that school. It is called Jay County High School  
in Portland, Indiana. Vicki Reitz is the head of guidance, and she  
could probably lead you in the right direction of whom you could speak  
with for more information. I wouldn't suggest talking to the media  
specialist as she is referred to as the "Book Nazi" and limits the  
number of times/month students can come to the library. Needless to  
say, our high schoolers use the public library frequently. :)  You can  
tell Vicki you got her name from Abby Tipton.

Hope this leads you in the right direction,

Our School Improvement Team has just surveyed our staff about doing SSR
during a 30 minute period we call Mentoring. So far the response is 80+%
positive. We think 20 minutes of the Mentoring period will be devoted to
SSR daily, 5 days a week. Please share your other responses with me.

Thank you,

Mary Ann Allen, NBCT
Library/Media Specialist
Gallup High School Library
1055 Rico Street
Gallup, NM  87301

We tried that for 15 minutes in every class once a week, but teachers  
would forget or resent the time lost. Several did it on Friday, so  
some of the kids felt like they were wasting a day. Now almost every  
Wednesday we have a 30 minute reading activity period. Everyone in the  
school stops (secretaries, teachers, principals, students, counselors)  
and reads for 30 minutes. That is enough time to actually get into  
their books. The only complaint has been that they won't put the books  
down later in other classes.

Jan Owens, M. Ed.
Media Specialist
Greenwood High School
440 East Gary Street
Greenwood, AR 72936
Web manager
479-996-4141 Ext. 3062
FAX 479-996-6548

Megan Frazer Blakemore
Westbrook High School Librarian
125 Stroudwater Street
Westbrook, ME 04092
207-854-0810 x474
I'm reading Flash Burnout by LK Madigan. What about you?

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