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Only 72 hours to go! Ask your senator to support library funding!


Email or phone your senators offices now to support library funding and
ask your library supporters to do so as well!  Please feel free to
forward this message.


To take action, please take the following steps:

1.  Please go to
<>  and
click on "call your senators now to support library funding."

2.  Scroll down and customize the sample email message as you see fit --
remember, a brief but personal story on how your library and its staff
help your community matters the most!  Change the subject heading to
"please sign the Dear Appropriator letter for libraries."

3.  Enter your contact information.

4.  Press "Send Message."

5.  If you would prefer to call your senators offices, feel free to dial
the Capitol switchboard at 202.224.3121 and ask for your senator.  The
switchboard will transfer you to their office.  If you don't know who
your senator is, visit here and type in your zip code
<> .

6.  Please ask your friends and supporters to call.  We need as many
individuals to contact the senators as possible so they know this is an
important issue and that voters want them to support it. 

We only have 72 hours to go!  The deadline for these "Dear Appropriator"
to be received by the Appropriations Committee is April 14, so it is
important that you email or call your senators offices today, as well as
encourage others to do so, and ask them to sign onto a "Dear
Appropriator" letter that is circulating around the Senate. This letter
will be sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee and will be asking
the committee to support the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA)
and the Improving Literacy Through School Libraries (ILTSL) program in
its FY2011 budget.


Congress is currently drafting the federal budget for fiscal year 2011.
It has never been more important than now that Congress fully funds the
LSTA, the only annual source for federal funding to libraries.   As
Congress writes next year's budget they need to understand that dollars
from the state and local levels are at an all-time low, and libraries
cannot continue to do their important work without this funding.

In this "Dear Appropriator" letter that is circulating around in the
Senate, the signatures are urging the Appropriations Committee to
include $300 million in funding through LSTA in the FY2011 budget.
Please email or phone your two senators' offices and tell them about the
work your library does in the state and community.  It is always a good
idea to stress what programs and resources your library provides to help
build the local economy, help kids with their homework, and so much
more.  After you have explained how libraries are an incredibly valuable
investment, please ask your senator to sign onto the "Dear Appropriator"
letter supporting LSTA and Improving Literacy Through School Libraries

School Libraries

In his FY2011 budget request, President Obama consolidated Improving
Literacy Through School Libraries with five other literacy programs.
This would mean that school libraries will have to directly compete with
other dissimilar programs to receive federal dollars under the
President's plan.  However, Congress is drafting their own budget for
FY2011 right now, and there is no word yet if they will go along with
President Obama's recommendation of consolidation.  Congress needs to
hear from you NOW about the important role that school libraries play in
today's schools.

Right now there is a letter circulating around the Senate urging the
Appropriations Committee to specifically appropriate $100 million for
the ILTSL program.  This amount would make money available to every
state, rather than the current competitive grant program.  Please email
or phone your two senators' offices explaining to them how important
having a school library can be in a child's education.  Please ask them
to sign on to the ILTSL and LSTA "Dear Appropriator" by customizing the
email message accessible from
<> .

The deadline for the "Dear Appropriator" letter is April 14, so please
email and phone your senators offices today and urge them to sign on!
Also, please ask your friends and library supporters to contact their
senators as well - we need to keep the pressure on our elected officials
so these programs receive the funding they need.


If your senator is on this list below, please thank them.  They have
already signed onto the "Dear Appropriator" letter:








Brown, Sherrod









Udall, Tom









Beth Yoke, Executive Director

Young Adult Library Services Association

50 E. Huron St. Chicago, IL 60611

1.800.545.2433 x4391

fax: 312.280.5276

Get tools to weather the recession at <> 


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