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Tacoma School District has been using Destiny since July 2007.  Overall we
have had a good experience and most of the problems that we have encountered
have eventually been resolved.

Someone mentioned that they have a need to multi-task with Destiny and
because the System won't let them use tabs they are unable to do what they
want.  I have surmounted that problem with the help of Destiny Tech
Support.  Although you will get System Errors when you open multiple windows
(or multiple tabs) for Destiny in one browser, you can open multiple
browsers.  (Tech support did stipulate that they must be different brand
browsers; not the same browser.)  I daily have Mozilla Firefox, Netscape
Navigator, and Internet Explorer open while I catalog.  I use Firefox to
look up an item by ISBN in Add Title, Navigator to search the title in
Library Search, and on occasion I have IE open to handle calls from
librarians who need a database change.  I prefer this to jumping back and
forth because I frequently need to compare the A+ record to a record that I
find by title in the general Library Search.  I can work in one browser
while my Spine/Pocket Label report is printing.  It works very well and
there are no more System Errors.  There doesn't seem to be a problem with
being logged in 3 times.  When I click Save in each of these browsers the
change is accessible from all three browsers (although I have to search
again to see the change).  Added records show in my Print Resource list in
all three browsers.  I suppose, if you needed to do more multi-tasking, you
could download Opera, Safari, or Google Chrome in addition to the other
three. There are probably even more browsers out there, but three is enough
for me.

Well, good luck.  I hope this helps some of you.

Donnella Gestson Mitchell
Assistant Cataloger
Tacoma Public Schools
Tacoma, Washington

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