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I did it again and am sorry. My Optimum online mail service garbles anything I sent 
to LM_NET but nowhere else.
Second try:
Thanks for that plug Nancy.

Unfortunately many districts view librarians as liabilities (advanced degrees, 
usually high on salary guide) rather than the assets we are.

We need a federal mandate to insure that school children continue to benefit from 
our expertise and knowledge.

Legislators in states like Iowa and Oklahoma, where school librarians are mandated, 
are trying to change those laws to allow districts to lay off librarians.

Lift school nurse and librarian requirements, (Iowa) GOP leader says

Registered nurse, librarian and guidance counselor mandates in Iowa schoolsshould 
be lifted as a way to save money, Senate Republican Leader Paul McKinleysaid this 
“We mandate that they have an RN in every school in spite of the fact thatthey 
can’t prescribe an aspirin,” McKinley said during a meeting with The DesMoines 
Register. “We have mandated that there be a certified librarian in thisage of 
communication. We have mandated a certified guidance counselor. Thosethings alone 
are well over $100 million a year at a time when Iowans are out ofwork.”
The legislature has placed school requirements forcounselors, nurses and librarians 
within the past five years as a way toprotect children, said Rep. Cindy Winckler, 
D-Davenport and chairwoman of theHouse Education Appropriations subcommittee. In 
past years, those positionswere among some of the first cut when a district faced 
financial troubles, shenoted.

Josephine Dervan, MLS -Adjunct Instructor
School of Communication and  Information 
Rutgers University
dervan at

He who has a library and a garden, wants for nothing- Cicero

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