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Thank you for everyone who responded! I didn't get pairings necessarily but
some great book suggestions for historical fiction.


Original post:

I am trying to find/create a list of historical fiction picture books that I
can pair with realistic picture books. I'd like to do a compare/contrast
type unit with my 1st-5th graders. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have
checked the archives and other places but it is always chapter books and not
picture book lists. I am looking for some simple (not too heavy) subjects to
get the idea across about the differences between historical and realistic

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I'll post a hit.




Perhaps Pink & Say by Polacco and The Other Side by Woodson?  They both
cover race issues. 


The following web site has lesson plans and suggested picture books for the
Michigan social studies curriculum. I think this will provide you with much
of what you are looking for.


My book NAMING LIBERTY about the building of the Statue of Liberty paired
with the story of a Jewish family coming to America and seeing the finished
statue in the harbor. Could be paired with any Statue of Liberty nonfiction
picture book.


Scholastic has a program called Bookflix.  It deals with pairing
fiction/nonfiction picture books.  It is wonderful for this type of lesson!
However, it can be costly.  I will forward you the e-mail I received about
this program.  You do get a trial period so that you could check it out and
see if it is something you could use.


Pink and Say - great for Civil War.


Here are some fiction picture book titles that I've used with students in my
K-4 building when explaining historical fiction.  I'll have to think about
the realistic fiction books. I hope this helps you.


Jacqueline Woodson: Coming on Home soon and The other side

Patricia McKissack: Goin' someplace special 

Gloria Whelan: Jam n' Jelly by Holly & Nellie and Friend on Freedom River

Trinka Hakes Noble: The Scarlet Stocking Spy and The last Brother: a Civil
War Tale


What about Patricia Polacco's Pink and Say? (Civil War)


Don't forget to go on and choose historical fiction as your
category and picture book as your reading level.


See if there's some treasure there!


One Yellow Daffodil or Rose Blanche with Erika's Story


Jean Van Leeuwen has several historical fiction picture books:  Going West
and Papa and the Pioneer Quilt.

Also try Buffalo Soldier by Sherry Garland, Baseball Saved Us by Ken
Mochizuki and the Golly Sisters series by Betsy Byars.  Tricking the
Tallyman by Jacqueline Davies is a funny historical fiction book about the
first census in 1790 (though I don't know what non-fiction books about the
census you would pair this with)


See if you have anything by author/illustrator Michael Dooling (Mary Anning,
Ann Hutchison, The Great Horseless Carriage Race, Thomas Edison, Thomas
Jefferson, Ben Franklin).  Sometimes his (and his authors) works are
classified nonfiction and sometimes fiction depending upon the amount of
recreation of account is involved.  I mention him because his illustrative
style is so impressive AND we just had him for an author visit-he's a very
nice person.


Not all of these are historical fiction, but they should help. good luck
young hero's of history, Buttons for General Washington  by Peter Roop,
Peter E. Hanson ( Illustrator) , Connie Roop Sybil Ludington's Midnight Ride
by Marsha Amstel, Ellen Beier (Illustrator) Ben and Me: An Astonishing Life
of Benjamin Franklin As written by His Good Mouse Amos by Robert Lawson,
Robert Lawson (Illustrator), Robert Lawson Rosa by Nikki Giovanni, Bryan
Collier (Illustrator) The Story of Ruby Bridges by Robert Coles, George Ford
(Illustrator) Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by
Doreen Rappaport, Bryan Collier (Illustrator) Pink and Say by Patricia
Polacco, Patricia Polacco (Illustrator) Harriet Tubman: A Woman of Courage
(Time For Kids Biographies Series) by Editors Of Time For Kids, Renee
Skelton (With)


It is hard to think when I've been away for awhile but remembered some other
titles - The Lily Cupboard, Rose Blanche, (Holocaust), Faithful elephants
(WWII - Japan),
Red Flower goes West by Ann Turner and Dennis Nolan (I loved this one as it
dealt with Westward Expansion revealing how much people lost while making
the trek)


There may be something useful in this list from Weber County Library


Mercedes and the Chocolate Pilot - about the Berlin Air Lift of food and
supplies to Germans behind the Iron Curtain after WWII. Very sweet and true
story - not really fiction.



Thanks again!




Michelle Levy

Media Specialist

Eton Academy

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Birmingham, MI 48009

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