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Thank you so much! This really is the greatest group. Herman Parish visited today. 
The visit was fantastic and the "author lunch" went very well. I have copy and 
pasted the suggestions below. I went with a combination of ideas. I baked Alaska 
and put it on a map and dusted it with snow (powdered sugar). I baked chocolate 
chip cookies and served them on home plate. Teachers kept coming up to me telling 
me they heard about the "baked Alaska" from their kids who were at the lunch.

 2 Sponge cake, naturally! 

Perhaps having one baked with sponges for a center piece. Apparently his mother did 
that to research her idea for her book. 

Doesn't Amelia Bedelia save her job with a lemon pie.  You could have a variation 
and serve lemon of some sort.
5 lemon-meringue pie

Pound Cake (maybe with strawberries for spring) with a mallet and Pineapple 
upside-down cake.

She bakes great pies! (3)In one of the books, she makes a date cake by cutting up a 
calendar.  To avoid eating paper, have a cake made and put a calendar on top made 
with frosting.  It could still be a "date" cake. (2 date cakes) 

She made a cake in the first book that was spectacular. I would just make a cake or 
other type of dessert mentioned in another book (cookies on home plate in Play 
Ball, Amelia Bedelia)  

 Something with a pun/play on words --  Baked Alaska ( in shape of Alaska?) -?

Something "dusted" with powdered sugar would be funny!  I remember Amelia
"dusting" the furniture with talcum powder. 
Thanks again.

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