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Last week I requested some ideas to celebrate National Library Week this
week. I'm posting some of the wonderful suggestions I got.  Thanks,

Angela Williams
School Librarian
McKissick Elementary School
Easley, SC

Here are some ideas I'm considering. Each morning on the school news program
I will have the Asst. Principal or Principal read an excerpt from a book
about libraries: I took my canary to the Library, The boy who was raised by
librarians, Library Lil, Shelf Elf, Alpha Betti, Bats at the library, etc.
followed by "Happy National Library Week." Good list of possibilities at:
On Monday morning, I'll follow the news with a playing of the "Gotta keep
reading" music video.
I have a selection of library shirts and will be wearing them each day, and
will take pictures and feature them on the scrolling bulletin board each day
(backdrop: THE LIBRARY!). We have a delightful video called "magical tour of
the library" which I will be showing to 1st and second grade classes (I
showed it to Kindergarten in January).
We'll be working on using the Destiny Library system with 1st graders and
Second graders are working on their "Mr. Crumb's Secret" books, which
chronicle the information skills they are learning in the library this year.
We'll read complete books on the library to the Kindergarten classes and
have them "write" their own library story and draw a picture, I may also do
that with 1st graders.
Hope something is useful!
Marcia Russo
Library/Media Specialist
Laurel Hill Primary School
Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466

We offer 'strawberry shortcake' to our staff as a thank you for their
support one day during that week.  (in our area it is the time of year
when strawberries are ripe and there is an actual Strawberry Festival in
our county).  We'll ask them to come to the library during their
conference times and have this treat for them.  We've done it for
several years, and the teachers really do appreciate it.
Sometimes for the students we hold some type contest.  One year it was a
contest of who could guess nearest to how many books we had in the
library.  The winner received some kind of prize.

Rita Baca
PHS Librarian
Pleasanton, TX

You could give kids a hand out about the library and have their parents
return it in person to get more people involved in the library. Put up
posters advertising the library, talk to teachers about letting you speak to
their class for 15-20 minutes about the benefits of the library and what it
can do for students. Talk to them about library careers (we could always use
mroe media specialists) have activities like a scavenger hunt for materials
or comparison of materials. Do a read-a-thon, the student who reads the most
books (or variety fiction, non-fictition) during the week gets a prize. Do
trivia about books or authors and award prizes to winners. Good luck.

Breanna Cardinal

Here are a number of ideas for National Library Week from some of our
favorite web sites.  Note: Not all of these are current, but all of them
will spark your creativity:
LibrarySpot  (Public Library NLW events from across the USA)
American Library Association (Promotional Tools & Programming Ideas)
St. Ambrose University Library - (Bulletin Board Ideas for NLW)
Have a great week!

Michael Bell
Former Chair, Texas Association of School Librarians
Retired school and university librarian
webmaster at
webmaster at
webmaster at
webmaster at
webmaster at

I am holding a contest in my library for elementary students to celebrate
National Library Week. The students can participate in a guessing contest in
which the guess how many books the library has. The student with the closest
guess wins a free book.
So far, we have had a lot of entries and interesting guesses! The students
are enjoying this contest!


Cheryl Seymour
School Library Media Specialist
 Franklin -Essex -Hamilton  SLS
Malone, NY 12953

Hello, we are doing a some simple dress up days next week. I am attaching my
letter home for your reference.  I am also going to read quotes over the
announcements as a classroom competition.  The classrooms will decide what
book they came from (ie "And Now"  cried Max "Let the wild Rumpus begin!"
from Where the Wild things are)  The classes will turn in their answers
daily and I will draw five winners a day.  The winners will get a free
paperback book.
During my lesson time, I am giving grades 1-5 a bunch of call numbers.  They
are going to try to see how many call numbers they can correctly find in
five minutes.  Then the class out of the three fifth grades (etc) that found
the most books correctly will get a small trophy.
Have a great week!


Alana Dunkin
Teacher Librarian
Terrace Elementary
   310 NW School Street
East Elementary
  710 SE Third Street
Ankeny, Iowa

Angela Williams

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