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Thanks to all of those who emailed me about the Promethean Board. They are
putting it up as I type this email up! Also, my principal agreed with me on
putting it where I wanted it to go.

*The answers that I received:*

  If I were you, I would put the SmartBoard in the area where you do most of
your teaching. I was limited (Due to a lack of wall space) in my choices for
where my SmartBoard could be placed, but I was lucky enough that it could be
put exactly where I wanted it to be. It's easy to have my classroom
materials nearby and it's the area that the kids consider to be the front of
the room because it's where I normally stand when delivering instruction.
The idea of putting it in a place where more passersby will notice it is

I have a Promethean board in my media center.  Congrats on getting one!  I
put mine where there would be the largest space for a class or group to
meet.  I use a ton of the flipcharts on It's free to
sign up.
Have fun with your new board!

I use my Promethean Board almost every day.  It needs to be where the
can easily see it and where the sun will not make a glare on the screen.
will love using it.

 I love mine and i am sure you will love yours - where you put it depends on
what projection system you have.  In our classrooms they are mounted over
the white boards and there are overhead projectors.  Inthe library I have a
laptop and projector on a cart so I need power and have it where there are

 It should be in a location where it should be having plenty of
room for an audience of students/faculty to sit without imposing upon routes
to other parts of the library.  If the principal wants it to be in a
location where it can be seen from the hallway, perhaps he/she would be
interested in funding the reorganization of the library space (and all of
the furniture) so that it can also be utilized.  If it's going to be a
showpiece, it could be highlighted to the school board photos of it in use,
and/or the special guests could be toured (quietly) near the class as it is
using the board?
I have the sole StarBoard (another brand of interactive board) in the
school, and it is in my computer lab, which is its own space.  The board is
not easily visible from the hall.  The focus was for it to be visible to the
students as instruction occurred.

You have access to LOADS of flipcharts through  In
addition, you can still use any Smartboard resources you've used as they
will transfer to the Promethean software.
Have fun! (But remember to use the pen!)

Laura, I agree usability is the most important function of these type of
boards. You also want to have your projector mounted as well as your
board to make sure it is not unstable. My SB is in the wrong place, but
it is the only place in my tiny library, my board is mounted, but the
projector is not, makes having to recabularate a necessity often,
especially everytime the cart is bumped.
Make sure you check out the Promethian site, sign up for different
services that are available from them or those who use the product. It
used to be that you could use other software on any board, but you need
to find out what you can't and can not use. I go to as many workshops I
can and still don't know everything about using the board and its vast
and versital functions.

Laura Lott
Library Media Specialist
Tallassee Elementary School
Tallassee, AL

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