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I appreciate any help that anyone can send.

I moved over to our High School library from the Middle School last year.  The 
previous librarian had a very different outlook than I do.  Neither of us are right 
or wrong, just different.  For the past 25 years, the library has been a very quiet 
place.  No more than 18 students were allowed in at a time (usually just a handful 
came in).  Students were only allowed to do assigned school work on the computers, 
and absolute quiet was demanded.

I say the more the merrier and have a packed house often.  I let students work 
together, if they get up to ask a friend a question, I let it go, and I've 
encouraged them to explore technology to not only finish school work, but to find 
information on their interests and express creativity (yes, they have to be school 

It's a big shift.  It works for me and it works for our students.  Unfortunately, 
it does not work for our aide.  She is extremely uncomfortable with the changes and 
thinks I am one day away from burning the place down.  This is her third year in 
the HS library.  

Have any of you dealt with an aide or administrator that had a certain perception 
of what a library should be that was different from your vision?
Do you know of any great (but short) articles that I could give her?  

Any advice?
Thanks so much!

Lisa Campbell
Teays Valley HS
Ashville, Ohio

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