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Welcome to this week’s update on
.  (April 19, 2010)  We have been in existence for seven weeks.  There have
been 7,694 trailer downloads from the site, and we have 83 trailers in all.
The group on Teacher
has 1,392 members.
If this is the first time you are hearing about these book trailer sharing
avenues, please view the
folder at BTFA.

If you are hesitant about adding your trailers to the group, I’d like to ask
you to consider something.  Even if your trailer is only downloaded a dozen
times, (many have been downloaded more than a hundred times) if the people
who download them put them in a loop in their library, this means that
hundreds, potentially thousands of kids will see it.  YOUR trailer might be
the one trailer that a reluctant reader sees and decides to give the book a
try.  YOUR trailer could change the life of a kid forever!  For me, that’s *so
powerful*—it’s not about how professional your trailer looks, or the
production equipment you use to create it.  Several of the most downloaded
trailers from this site are the creations of FIFTH GRADE STUDENTS!  (I
personally think the student created trailers are the most effective for
reaching reluctant readers, but that’s another topic)

Last week I let you know that a trailer had been removed due to copyright
violations.  NOTE:  If you downloaded the *WICKED LOVELY* trailer and placed
it in your blog or other site, please remove it—the music was not royalty
free.  It is currently being re-done with proper music.  I apologize for any
inconvenience this may cause.

*We have added four new trailers to the site this week. They are:*

*Garden of 
*, by K.L. Going, created by Janelle Briggs, of Dexter, New York.  (Middle
Grade Interest Level)

The Juvie 
by Gordon Korman, created by Sarah Loch, of Midwest City, Oklahoma (Middle
Grade+ Interest Level)

An Unspeakable 
Elaine Marie Alphin, created by Robin Henry, of Frisco, Texas
 (Upper Grade Interest Level)

by Roland Smith, created by Sangeeta Garg, of Missouri City, Texas  (Middle
Grade Interest Level)

The “new trailers” document as well as the “trailer details” spreadsheet is
updated each week.  There is also a folder called “Weekly Updates” that
contains all of the previous updates for BTFA.

Remember, if you are on FB, feel free to go and become a fan of the page.  Each
time a new trailer is uploaded, it will be posted to the BTFA wall on FB.  The
URL for that is:

There is also an update added to Twitter each time a new trailer is
uploaded. Feel free to follow me to get those updates:

Have a fantastic week!

Teresa Schauer
District Librarian/Pettus ISD
Pettus, Texas

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