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I have just been handed my fate for next year.  I will no longer be the only 
librarian for 1400 students in grades PreK-12 at one school... I will be serving 
three schools.  Each school will have one assistant - I currently have two.  I 
already feel overwhelmed by all there is to do for one school.  As I begin to 
prepare for next year, I'm curious to hear from the voice of experience to help me 
manage three.

Those of you serving more than one school, how do you schedule your time?  Are 
classes on a fixed or flexible schedule?  How many books do you allow students to 
check out?  Do you collaborate on lessons or just do the best you can.  Do you do 
your own ordering/processing?  Please include what grades you serve and anything 
else you have found that helps preserve your sanity.

I've done a search in the archives.  There was a similar query made in 1998 but not 
much newer than that.

Thanks in advance.

Cindy Rogers, MLS
Certified Media Specialist/Librarian
IDEA Academy & IDEA College Preparatory
International Baccaulaureate World Schools
401 South 1st Street
Donna, TX  78537
O (956) 377-8082
F (956) 464-8532<>   

IDEA Public Schools are dedicated to providing students with the academic, social, 
and leadership skills needed to apply, matriculate, and succeed in a four-year 
college or university.

"It is more than ironic that school districts are willing to spend hundreds of 
thousands of dollars on reading programs and staff development which have had 
limited success in boosting test scores, but are unwilling to invest in school 
library programs that show such direct correlations to student success," researcher 
Douglas Achterman wrote in a 2008 study of California school libraries.

"In the nonstop tsunami of global information, librarians provide us with floaties 
and teach us how to swim." -- Linton Weeks, Washington Post

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