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Good Morning and HELP!

Yesterday I caught the tail end of a broadcast about a school that is going to a 
digital library and getting rid of all their books. Something was said about how 
they will have access to so many more books. I'm confused. EBooks cost more, you 
buy a copy and you only have the  1 copy to check out at a time. So it will end up 
costing more for the same amount of books. How does that give students more access? 
And how do you have more books? Sure storage isn't as cumbersome, but? And you 
still need an automation system to handle them, don't you? Someone please help my 
confused mind, I'm driving myself crazy. Feel free to email me off list. And of 
course, thanks in advance!

Educationally Yours,

Kris Waymire
LHS Media Specialist
Lebanon High School
510 Essex Drive
Lebanon, IN  46052
Ph: 765-482-0400  X 21630
Fax: 765-483-3040

"It is more than ironic that school districts are willing to spend hundreds of 
thousands of dollars on reading programs and staff development which *have had 
limited success* in boosting test scores, but are unwilling to invest in school 
library programs that show direct correlations<>to 
student success."
~ Douglas Achterman,  2008 Study of California School Libraries

"It's almost impossible to catch a cold from someone who doesn't have one. And it's 
almost impossible for a child to catch the love of reading from a teacher who 
doesn't have it.." -- Jim Trelease, (From The Read Aloud Handbook 

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