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Hello -


I am currently working on revamping my "outdated and sorely in need of weeding".  
It is not a huge collection - less than 9,00 books to start with and already down 
by several hundred books I have disposed of.  I bought 200 new fiction books in the 
middle of the year, but if you have any further suggestions for awesome fiction 
that has come out recently and is good for the aged 12-18 set please let me know.  
My big question of the moment is this:  Books seem to be less and less the way for 
research - especially at my school.  Teachers don't mandate it, students prefer to 
use anything but...We do have some decent databases and they honestly prefer the 
web.  I am moving away from buying nonfiction to use for research purposes and such 
and moving towards making it a section that holds more like interesting books to be 
read for recreational purposes.  What do you think of this idea??  And do you have 
any good suggestions for me, along the same age ranges?  We are outdated and/or 
missing things on just about every topic...from cookbooks to cars to astrology and 
religion, also books like Outbreak/Gorillas in the Mist.  I want them to be 
interesting, something students would enjoy reading, but sneaks in that information 
oh so casually...Any suggestions would be most appreciated and any comments as 
well!  Thanks in advance.

Jaclyn Adler
7-12 Teacher Librarian
Salem CSD

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