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At 10:40 AM 4/20/2010, RISI, MARY wrote:
>Need the wisdom of the crowd:
>I feel the need to catalog my collection of memoir so that my 8th grade
>students can find memoir either through an OPAC search or by separating
>the memoir from other biography. The entire 8th grade reads memoir in
>September and we spend an inordinate amount of time hunting through the
>biography collection to pick out the memoir.
>Does anyone have any suggestions about how to handle this? I have
>considered segregating the memoir collection and adding a visible genre
>label of some sort. Students would not be able to search the catalog for
>memoir specifically, but would instead browse a segregated memoir
>Any advice from those more experienced and wise would be much
>Thank you!
>Mary Kay Risi
>River Dell Middle School
>River Edge / Oradell, NJ
>201-599-7250 ext. 2290
>"No instructional shortcut, packaged curriculum, new technology, regimen
>of tests, or other variety of magical thinking can (help children become
>readers). It is frequent, voluminous book reading that makes readers."
>- Nancie Atwell

Memoir is a legitimate Genre term (see the official list at
So you could add a simple field like:
      655 #7$aMemoir $2marcsmd
or a more descriptive one like:
      655 #7$aMemoir $zGermany $y17th century $2marcsmd

See complete instructions at the Lib of Congress

Since it is a Subject Access Field your OPAC, not matter what system 
it is, should return the proper hits on a search of memoir as a subject.

Melissa Davis,                
Retired Librarian
Conroe, Tx 77303

"It is more than ironic that school districts are willing to spend 
hundreds of thousands of dollars on reading programs and staff 
development which have had limited success in boosting test scores, 
but are unwilling to invest in school library programs that show such 
direct correlations to student success,"
        researcher Douglas Achterman wrote in a 2008 study of 
California school libraries.

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