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Thanks to everyone who answered. My original question was:

Our district has had United Streaming for many years.  Our bid is now  
significantly more than the cost of Learn 360.  Has anyone used Learn  
360 who'd be willing to pass on their opinion about that video  
streaming service?  It would be especially helpful if you've used both  
and could compare.  Thanks!

The general response was in favor of United Streaming over Studio 360.


... I talked with some people from various districts this weekend who  
were very much in favor of Learn 360 over Unitedstreaming.  It was  
high school teachers who liked the science films available.  Ann Salt,  
Eau Claire, WI


We switched over to Learn 360 this year from United Streaming.   
Honestly, I
didn't use United Streaming as much as I have used Learn 360.  That is
mostly because I am making more of an effort to use a wide range of  
media in
my classes, nothing to do with the sites themselves.

My experience is that both are easy to use.  I know that our district is
considering going back to United Streaming.  At the beginning of the  
when they announced the switch they said Learn360 is what we'll be  
using and
there is no discussion.  Now they've asked us to complete some online
surveys on the two sites and word is that we're switching back.   
the cost of Learn 360 is so much less, there have been a lot of  
that there just isn't as much available on Learn 360.


        I used Discovery Education/UnitedStreaming for about five years,
both when I taught HS Social Studies and now as an SLMS.  My school is  
Learn360 this year.  This is my opinion of Learn360:
        1.  Annual subscription price for Learn360 is lower than DE.
        2.  Learn360 has Concise Encyclopedia Britannica version available
to all users.
        3.  User set up for Learn360 was very easy for me; can also generate
accounts, usage reports, and upload your own docs and files (pdf, .doc,
.ppt, etc.), for instance if teachers want students to go to a specific
folder and view a clip/document.
        4.  DE is a mature product, and I believe it has more ancillary
materials (teacher resources, student guides) than Learn360.  As  
improves, I think this will change, especially as users can upload


we started with un. st. and went to 360 a year ago
major protest amongst staff
did get better but will be surveying staff to see which way we should  
go next year
if u have time, i could let u know when the decision is made (at the  
end of the year)
however, with budget cuts they may leave it at 360

(.... later):

Okay, here's what we found out from the teacher surveys:

Overwhelmingly teachers did preferred United Streaming.  Unfortunately  
we are under a two year contract with Learn 360, so we can't switch  
back until after next year. Also, due to tremendous cuts in all  
budgets, it probably won't happen then either.


I work in a district where we can access both Learn 360 and United  
Streaming.  Learn 360 was new to us this year.  Had some initial  
problems in accessing and downloading, but those seem to be resolved.   
I've used both in looking for various topics, and hands-down I like  
United Streaming better and seem to find more there.
   sue berger
   davenport, iowa


We had united streaming and for the same reason we now have learn  
360.  The teachers hate it!  Learn 360 has significantly less than  
united.  Also, if a teacher has it downloaded and saved to something  
they will have to delete it because of copyright.  Our teachers  
understood it was a price issue but they would much rather have united  
streaming back.

-Maggi Idzikowski
Media Specialist
Allen Elementary School, Ann Arbor MI
Blogging with my 4-year-old at

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