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Most of the responses I got were requests for a hit. But I did get some
great suggestions, too. I am going to try using PowerPoint but within the
Web Saver software program; so that I can also flash up local and national
news, as well as our school site with our calendar and announcements.
Here are the suggestions I received:

   - Use Powerpoint and put it on a continual loop.
   - Powerpoint works just fine for this.
   - I do something similar, but I just use powerpoint.  If I have the
   announcements, pictures etc in electronic format, I can just paste them into
   a slide.  Occasionally teachers who want to add an announcement will format
   their own slides which I can easily insert.  You can set the powerpoint to a
   specific length of time per slide and to repeat, so it plays by itself all
   day long.  I've never tried to insert video, I don't know how that would
   - I would use PowerPoint or another presentation software to create
   this.  You can definitely insert PDFs, pictures, and other media, including
   videos and sounds.
   - I use Power point which isn't very "in" or new, but it incorporates all
   those items and can import pdfs, jpgs, etc. I have set up a format that I
   use for each day (we are not on a weekly schedule, but a six day color
   schedule), I change the date, which PE teacher is outside, the library
   schedule appears, the lunch menu is changed, and any other news the
   Principal wants scrolled as well as pictures and highlights of school
   activities. Under Set Up show I click "loop continuously"; under slide
   transitions, I have a random transitions, at medium speed, automatic after
   about 11 seconds (you would have to change this for a slide that had a video
   or more wording to be viewed). As I said, as I have one for each of the six
   days of our schedule and the set up and transitions are set, I only have to
   do minor editing to run each day.
   - Have you thought about putting it into Movie maker and then looping it
   so that it plays over and over?
   - Web Screen Saver which can incorporates web sites and PowerPoint (

Hope some of you find this helpful.

*Thanks to all who answered me!!*
Melinda Miller
Melinda W. Miller
Colton-Pierrepont CSD
PreK-12 Library Media Center
4921 State Highway 56
Colton, NY 13625
T: 3152622100 F: 3152623135
"Libraries enable the past to talk to the future." Edward Cornish, The

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