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Good Afternoon All,

I am responsible for our school newscast and announcements on our closed circuit TV 
system.  My input to the system is the standard red/yellow/white Audio/Video jacks. 
 Only 1/3 of the TVs in our school are digital.  The rest are old analog sets.  
However, we have a TV in our main lobby for parents and visitors to watch the news 
and announcements on that is a new HDTV.  There is some slight distortion, but it 
is not bad.  We run our announcements on Powerpoint on a laptop and use an AverKey 
to convert this to send this out to the closed circuit system.  All of these slides 
are distorted and not clear.  I have four questions.  1.  What can I do to get 
these images of the powerpoint slides clear?  Is there some other converter or some 
kind of card I can add to the laptop that will help this?  2.  What is entailed for 
the school to be rewired for digital access?  Is it just a matter of the changing 
the connection on my end to allow the signal output?  (Yes,
 I do recognize that the old analog sets will not recognize the new signal then.) 
3.What software do businesses and other schools use to run their announcements on?  
(You know you see these announcements scroll through on TVs at hotels and 
conferences and so on.) I can't imagine that powerpoint is what everyone uses, but 
it has worked for us so far.  I just want to know what is available.  4.  Are you 
aware of any websites that I can go to get answers/glean some info?  I hope my 
questions were somewhat clear.  If they were not, please pardon my jumbled mess.  
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Trina Tucker Paynter
Media Coordinator
Vaughan Elementary School
Warren County Schools
110 Mat Nelson Rd
Vaughan, NC 27586
252.586.4739 ext 7136


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