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I was looking for ideas for a lock in. Here are the hits I received.  Thanks to 

Lincoln MS

A lock-in sounds like fun!  I have doneone for several years (not in conjunction 
with the library, but I like thatidea!) and our junior high kids have always looked 
forward to it.  My bestadvice is to overplan!  Have lots and lots of activities for 
the kids todo :-)
Some that worked for us-
1.  Open gym...there were literallykids who shot baskets all night long.  We had 
some high school varsityplayers come in and play with the kids - they thought that 
was cool
2.  A scavenger hunt
3.  BINGO - with fun little prizes (popis always a hit!)
4.  make your own sundaes
5.  Board games
6,  We had respected adults (likecoaches) come in and lead a Texas Hold-Em 
7.  We had older girls/moms paint nails
8 Dodge Ball Tournament
9.  Instructors volunteered to come in and teach yoga and wushu(sp?) to the kids
Or if you have access to a projector andsmart board, a jeopardy type game (with 
library terms or other things MS'erswould know would be great.  Here's a site 
with PP jeopardy templates)
I just got back from a MT Lib Assocconference where we had a fun evening to 
raise scholarship money with BINGO -- wehad novels & authors, novels & 
characters, novels and settings,plus you could have movie characters & actors 
(Harry Potter & Daniel Radcliffe) Ifyou opt to show a movie, be sure to go to and get a public 
performance license.
We had a Hunger Games Party a couple ofmonths ago and our kids had a blast.  We 
used blow up plastic swords and had"tournaments" where they had to stay confined in 
a circular area, ifa body part was hit with the opponent's sword they had to put it 
behind theirback or hold it up (such as a leg, and hop on the other one.) If 
morethan 3 body parts were touched, they were out.
We also played Bingo with Hunger Gamesquestions, the kid had a blast with it.  You 
could work up a Jeopardy gamewith answers from a lot of popular fiction.
We also had a craft activity where thekids could make a compass from kits I ordered 
from OrientalTrading.  They enjoyed working on those.
Additionally, we had a tattoo station wherethe kids could select 3-4 press on 
tattoos and apply them.
You kind of have to balance some quiet, settling down activities withactive ones
Hook a Wii up to an LCD projector, then put the sensor on a table infront of the 
screen (or wall).  Play Wii- we did this in the library witha select group of award 
winners.  The kids loved it and keep asking whenwe will be doing it again
I've done these in the past and didn't offer as many activities -- wehad a quiet 
area for reading with rocking chairs and pillows.  I've alsodone them at church.  
One added activity there was cooking (snacks). It was an all-nighter, so we were 
making fudge at 3AM.   thekids really loved the lock-in, but there weren't a lot of 
kids involved (like adance).

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