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Thank you guys for helping me out in a pinch!  I've got some GREAT places to start, 
and this is why I love the listserv!!  I'm in the midst of creating mine because of 
great people's ideas and will post it when I'm done.  Here's a compilation of 
emails sent that made my life easier today : )
Activity.doc (
The kids are very enthusiastic about the introduction.  They enjoy trying out the 
searches.  They like being the teacher for the class activty.  The downside is, it 
is quite lengthy.  I have tried to fit in into one period (80 minute block periods 
here) - but we never get done and it does get a bit tedious towards the end.  I am 
trying to think of a way to shorten it or to keep the interest level going.  They 
start out enthusiastic and then things wane a bit.  I will probably cut out some of 
the questions and/or schedule 2 periods. 
Gale has a starting point in their Toolbox and Facts on File has their info sheets. 
When I redo my pages this summer, I am planning to take the easy way out and link 
to those at least to start. 

Yes I do. I teach through the powerpoint. I have done screen captures and go step 
by step  how to use them. I also talk about internet safetly (meaning evaluation of 
websites) and using easy bib for citations and works cited. I tailor them to the 
subject  of the class that is coming in. Iím attaching one I did for the faculty. 
Looks like I took out the slides on evaluation of websites. As you can see, I use 
the animations to highlight what Iím talking about, and also so I can be reminded 
of what I want to talk about. 
We don't use Gale, but here's what I've put together for others. Don't know if any 
of it will help. 


I don't have one ready because I usually adapt very much to what the students are 
working on at that time. So, I might find out a common topic of the students and do 
a sample search.  My talk usually goes something like this:

1) Explanation of what databases are / what's in them that they can't find 
elsewhere & why they are valuable
2) Explanation of how to get to the databases from home (accompanied by a password 
3) Sample search in the database of choice w/ students doing same searach
--depending on lesson show how you can narrow searches (adding keywords, using 
subject headings, etc.)
4) Show retrieval options--printing, emailing, saving, etc.
I don't have a formal lesson plan but, I usually give my students a list
of topics and have them find articles in the appropriate databases. I
ask them to fill out the title of the article and the name of the
database and sometimes the MLA citation. I start out with general topics
and then get more specific. Hope this helps,

You might try and look at their guided tutorials. I have used some 
of these with classes and found them to be very helpful. I have used them as an 
intro and then given students hands-on. Also Region 20 has a lesson in its 
instructional recipe section on databases vs. Wikipedia or something like that. It 
is for middle grades so I think it could be adapted. Generally, I like Region 20ís 
instructional recipes. Good Luck.
I saw this on the listserv and thought this might help her out. I thought you could 
send this url along to her and be her heroes J
One part of Gale our students like is the Student Resource Center. Search for full 
text articles. At the end of the article is the citation. Copy the citation, paste 
it in a text box in Word. The text box should measure 2.5" X 4.5". Print the box, 
cut it out, glue it to a 3" X5" index card. One source card completed.

And I have recieved many amazing attachments, which aren't a part of this, but I 
thank everyone from Texas to Maryland and beyond for all their help : )  
Hmmmmm....I'm seeing a programming idea for TLA in this exercise.....
Naomi Bates
Northwest HS Library Justin, Texas 
TASL chair-elect, Texas Library Association

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