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Thank you so much for all of the responses!  They are all very helpful and 
hopefully by the end of today I will have ordered magazines for my library.
Original Post: 
My middle school library (grades 6-8) does not currently have magazines.  I plan to 
order a few in the next week.  Is there a good poetry magazine for middle school 
I am planning to get National Geographic Kids, Sports Illustrated Kids, and Kids 
Discover.  Are there any others you would suggest?  I want to only introduce a few 
magazines into the library but to provide for as many different interests as 
We are very lucky here and have a good budget for magazines. We get:
Dirt Wheels, ATV Sport, Dallas Cowboys Star, American Football Monthly, ESPN, 
Sports, Illustrated, Mad, Low Rider, European Car, Cycle World, Playstation, 
ShonenJump, American Girl, American Cheerleader, Bop, Tiger Beat , J-14, Pop Star, 
People, US weekly,  TransworldSkateboarding, Slam (basketball), Batman comics, 
Daredevil comics, Hulk comics 
The most popular check outs are J-14, Mad, Tiger Beat, Shonen Jump and Seventeen.
I also have J-14, GL (Girl's Life), Boy's Life, Skateboard Mag, and Dirt Bike.
 We subscribe to Cricket for student written stories and poems
 taught middle school for a number of years and was a middle school librarian. Here 
a couple would highly recommend: 

We have been ordering Teen Ink for a couple of years. It is written by 
adolescents--the kids love it.

Kids Discover, Zoobooks, Girls Life, Boy's Life, Odyssey, Cobblestone, Faces, J-14, 
Dirtwheels, BMX Plus, Justine were all titles that I had at my middle school which 
was a 5-8 building. Since we closed the building in June, most of the titles were 
transferred to our elementary. J-14, Justine and Girl's Life were moved to high 
I am in a junior high library and love the magazines Faces, Odyssey, Cobblestones, 
and Upfront.
Our girls love Pop Star and Bop.  We also get Popular Science and Popular 
Mechanics, and Dog and Cat Fancy.
Definitely take a look at Justine!
Thank you again everyone!!!

Jessica Reinking
Media Specialist
Alice Birney Middle School
7750 Pinehurst St.
Charleston, SC 29420 

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