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Apparently, I'm "missing interaction with the little ones" now that
I'm working with the "big ones" because I want to share with
elementary librarians one of the best books that I've seen in a while
(okay, since yesterday, at least)!  This came out in 2008, so you may
already have it in your collection but if you don't, then you HAVE to
order it (and many of the others that I'll give the link access to

The book is called, "Over in the Arctic Where the Cold Winds Blow" by
Marianne Berkes.  This is a beautiful rhyming / singing book that
follows the musical theme of "Over in the Meadow."  Instead, this book
incorporates arctic animals with a paper-cut collage theme throughout
the book.  I love the sing-song reading made available through this
fun counting book.

For example:

"Over in the Artic, Where the cold waters run, Lived a mother polar
bear and her little cub one.
'Roll,' said the mother.  'I Roll,' said the one. So they rolled on
the ice, Where the cold waters run."

In addition to the wonderful story that obviously leads to the song
with children, the book also includes extended information at the end
for further review.  The "Fact or Fiction" content, the "Arctic
Tundra" information, the "Hidden Arctic Animals,"  and "About the
Arctic Animals" sections help for further extensions in the classroom.
 THEN, just when you thought that this book was just TOO cute to be
published....the book continues with a section called, "Tips from the
Author" which offers extensions on the use of verbs in the story
(Language Arts), migration (science), and even activities for "fun in
the snow!"  (What an idea---again, I don't normally live in a snowy
area, but the idea of filling a spray bottle with water and drops of
food coloring to allow children to "snow paint" outside is just TOO
cool!! (Art)

Finally, the author provides a link to download Arctic bookmarks from
the book   and
provides a short bibliography of book "About Arctic Life!" that can be
used, along WITH additional websites for teachers to use with their

THEN...there's the Tips from the Illustrator page!!  (Does this book
EVER end???)  The illustrator, Jill Dubin, is shown compiling the book
and how she uses the different papers to create the "Eric Carle-like"
book for readers.  She also provides directions to make your own

FINALLY, The music to "Over in the Arctic" is included at the end of
the book, along with 10 verses (which match the 10 segments in the
book) to sing along.

If you are interested in learning more about this author, go to:

If you want to see this book (and others like it), go to:

Check out their Teaching Guides (that align with their books):

And download some activities from here:

Love this stuff!!



Shonda Brisco
Assistant Professor / Curriculum Materials Librarian
Mary L. Williams Curriculum Materials Library
001 Willard Hall
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078

"Digital Resources" columnist
School Library Journal

"Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money
will get you through times of no libraries." ~ Library Poster

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