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Several of you asked for a hit on my query regarding appropriate Dewey signage for 
an elementary library.  There were so many good replies that I had to share!


      When I was K-3 I made my own signs from 4x6 index cards.  I picked the most 
frequently asked about topics and included a clip art picture and the Dewey number, 
along with the word for the genre.  For example I had aliens/ufos, holidays, fairy 
tales (castle), math, weather, dinosaurs, sharks, tigers, cars, trains, space, 
pets, drawing, football, baseball..... you get the idea.  I put the cards at the 
end of the shelf on the end cap in the order the students could find the subjects.  
It seemed to work well.  It also helped volunteers or subs shelving.


      They are free on Jan Brett's site. 
<>  and there are some things on this other site: 
   Sue Bailey posted these Dewey signs she made in Wordle. I printed them out and 
they look great. I think there may be other ones also available on the wiki.

      I had my students create the content for mine.  My 4th and 5th graders had 
to wander the stacks and create short lists of keywords for each 100s section.  
Then I typed their words into a list and created a Wordle for each section.  Not 
all of their keywords made sense, but then those were singletons that turned out 
very small on the Wordle.  I loved that they really had to explore the stacks and 
think about how things are organized.  They really enjoyed it.  
( <> )


      I had my fifth graders use kid pix to draw posters. They would pick a 
section they knew they liked to read when they were younger, decided on a poster 
and created it. We did it for ficiton, non-fiction, biography and even each of the 
Dewey numbers that were popular.

      I am not at school now, but I am mentally picturing my library.  I have an 
artificial plant by my plant section, a set of flashcards by my math books, various 
beanie babies at all the different animals, whales, etc.  By the cars books, I have 
a matchbox car, by recipes, I have a small bowl, By all the sports books, I have a 
mini baseballs, helmets, and a soccer ball. I think you get the idea.  The one draw 
back is that sometimes my little items "walk away".

      Have fun with this:  : 

      I created these, printed and laminted them, then taped them onto the spine 
of black magazine holders, and placed them on the appropriate
shelves! Hope you can use! (see attachment with name beginning:  "I created these")

      I made a set of 10 (Dewey) nonfiction signs; printed them on cardstock and 
displayed them in inexpensive plastic easel frames. If you are interested, contact 
me offline and I will send them. I got the idea from another school where the media 
specialist ordered signs. I tried to make them different.  (see attachment with the 
name beginning:  "I made a set")

      Small pictures FOr each of the 10 classes (see attachment with the name 
beginning:  "small pictures")


 And Martha, I was never able to open yours!



Susan Miles

Eastern Elementary Library
1600 Eastern Ave.
Traverse City, MI  49686

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