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My principal came to me this afternoon with a parent complaint.  Her 9th grade son 
had checked out Project 17 by Stolarz for a book report in 9th grade English.  This 
is a book I have not read - I read or skim most books and definitely any with 
questionable reviews.  The mother is complaining of language in the book.  The 
reviews I pulled recommended the book for grade range 6 - 10 nothing popped in any 
of the reviews I used.

Unfortunately, I do not have a policy for questioned or challenged titles - I have 
tried to get one approved in the four yrs I have been at this school - but always 
told we didn't need one.  

Anyway - my principal's answer is just to pull it when it comes back - the student 
still has it checked out so he can complete his book report which is due this week. 
 As far as I know, only one other book has been challenged by a parent - The 
Catcher in the Rye years ago before my time - the title which was on the board 
approved reading list was pulled from all shelves.

Guess I am just very angry at the principals response and wanted to vent and ask 
for any words of wisdom. 

Hopefully now I will get some policy changes through the system.

Cindy Scott
District Librarian - Based out of 6 - 12
Dawson-Bryant Schools
Coal Grove, OH
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