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After Teresa's email went out, I got a few personal ones about why my
trailers aren't in the TT group and where can I find them?  
First of all, I'd like to say, out loud and proud - "WAY TO GO
TERESA!!!!"  The website she's creating, now with a spreadsheet, is her
passion and one that has come full circle.  EXCELLENT website, excellent
management, and thank you for this!
Now, the reason I haven't put them on this site yet is because I have
them posted so many other places, it's getting redundant.  They are on
the Northwest Library website for full screen view, and always have been
since I started doing this about three or four years ago.  You can
access them freely and link away anytime you want.  The web address for
these trailers is:

As an interesting sidenote, you can see my progression as a booktrailer
creator when you click on the very first one I did compared to the
latest one I have up.  (Dark Divine is on its way!)  
Another place you can see the freshest, newest ones created are the
ones posted on my blog, then transferred to other websites.  Although
you can't download them from YA Books and More, you most certainly can
use the reviews I've written for your booktalks, descriptions or
elsewhere.  It's a double dipper of video and review.  That's at ( )
Keep track of this blog, if you'd like.  I've been starting to do
giveaways, including galleys sent to me I've reviewed and would like
others to read and review as well!  
And lastly, I created a channel of my trailers in something similar to
teachertube, called  There are now eight trailers on
there for you to not only embed onto a webpage, but also download onto a
computer, jump drive, et al to use in booktalks and other presentations.
 That's at: 
So, as you can tell, there are lots of ways to access my trailers.  I'm
not trying to hide them from anyone, but want to share them with
everyone.  Just haven't gotten around to the uploading part on
teachertube, which I will....slowly but surely....
Naomi Bates
Northwest High School Library 
Justin, Texas 

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