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I can't thank you all enough!  All of these ideas are fantastic and I am so 
grateful for my smart, creative peers!  Here they are..........
I am using that topic, but chose to put all the books that had green in the title.
Lori,  I am going to do a Green/Greene authors and editors display.  Think John 
The following bulletin board idea was on LM_NET recently. I saved it cuz I thought 
it was pretty ingenious, cheap and within my artistic skill set.
I understand your trepidation regarding students not picking up green books. How 
about books that have stories that revolve up green themes / or environmental 
themes - i.e. Hoot by Carl Hiaasen? I'm sure there are others but that one seems to 
come quickly to mind.  
Good luck! 
Subject: Share: March Bulletin Board 
For our Middle/High School library we needed to update from our Valentine's 
bulletin board (multi-colored hearts with each of our student's names on 
them--small school so we get them all on).  With a sub-district forensics meet 
being hosted here on Monday, the 22, we really wanted something fresh and new.  Our 
solution:  "Get Your Green On" in black & green letters, a huge shamrock cut from 
green bulletin board paper with the words, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle on the 3 leaves.  
Background is black & white newspaper.  It was quick and easy and is very 
I'm planning to put out some books by Irish authors like Bog Child by Dowd, The 
Declaration by Gemma Malley, The New Policeman by Kate Thompson, Airman by Colfer, 
Angela's Ashes, etc. I also have some general stuff about Irish lore and such.
You might feature Irish authors/poets vs. environment books.
I am Protestant Irish, and on St. Patrick's Day, we wear orange not green. You 
might put up a display about Ireland in general and show what each "side" wears at 
that time. Might be interesting for the kids.
Pick out books with green covers!!  You'll be surprised how many you'll find that 
are green or predominantly green.  Another possibility are authors by the name of 
green or gold or ireland or irish etc.  Or just search for the keyword green.  Of 
course here that will include lots of Green Bay Packers books--and those will get 
Remember the old song "I'm looking over a four leaf clover"? How about "looking 
over a 4 leaf clover... to find a good book" then make shamrocks (easiest way is to 
make 4 hearts, over lap them and tape them together) and put a book cover over it 
I have done a display in the past with fiction books that take place in Ireland, by 
Irish authors and travel guides to Ireland.  Kind of combined them into one 
What about Carl Hiassen's books?  They are fiction and include environmental 
issues, not necessarily going green, but issues nonetheless. Maybe there are other 
fiction books in your collection that are similar? Or share the theme of helping 
our environment?
You could still use the "going green" and use books that have green in the title or 
on the cover.  I have done that using the colors red "red anything good" and orange 
"orange you glad we have books for you to read?" and pink "books that make me 
tickled pink"
Stick with the "Going Green" theme but just highlight good/favorite books and add 
"Read, Renew, Return, Repeat" to highlight library usage.
I wonder how many books you have with characters named Patrick... maybe you could 
do a kind of wise guy display - probably get a bigger reaction than on about a 
"good for you" St Patricks Day or Recycling - no?

Lori Manning 
MacArthur High School
Lawton, OK

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