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The National Computer Security Alliance just released a report on 
Internet safety instruction in K-12 schools. 

Not surprisingly, their conclusion was: "The survey found that Americaís 
young people arenít receiving adequate instruction to use digital 
technology and navigate cyberspace in a safe, secure and responsible 
manner and are ill-prepared to address these subjects.

The survey also found: "Over three quarters of teachers have spent less 
than six hours on any type of professional development education related 
to cyberethics, cybersafety and cyber security within the last 12 
months." Further: "Seven in ten (69%) teachers feel that cyberethics, 
cybersafety and cybersecurity professional development is a priority."

I am very pleased to announce that two of my professional development 
videos, with extensive handouts are now available. 

Cyber Savvy Teachers

Cyber Savvy Teachers is an approximately 2 hour Professional Development 
presentation, with 29 page presentation notes, that will provide 
teachers will a comprehensive research-based understanding of all 
aspects of digital media safety and responsibility. This presentation 
will prepare teachers to effectively teach these subjects using the 
student handout materials from CSRIU or any other research-based 
Internet safety curriculum. Additional resources, including a Scope and 
Sequence of Instructional Objectives and student handouts, are freely 
available on the above page.

Cyberbullying, Cyberthreats & Sexting

Cyberbullying, Cyberthreats & Sexting is an approximately 2 hour 
professional development video presentation, with 30 page notes, for 
principals, school counselors and psychologists, school resource 
officers, and educational technology personnel that addresses the 
concerns related to student online use that are most likely to directly 
impact schools. This presentation presents research on the issues, 
addresses legal issues, and provides guidance on effective investigation 
and intervention and a comprehensive prevention approach.

The pricing for these materials allows for individual users, a range of 
school/district sizes. University faculty and trainers can acquire the 
individual user materials and then pay for handout copies, hard copy or 
electronic, through the Copyright Clearance Center.

I would also encourage you to download the 4 page Cyber Savvy Schools 
document on my home page. This is the new framework that I am working on 
to address these issues. The additional materials I am working on 
include; Youth Risk Online, Effective Internet Use Management in a Web 
2.0 World, Web 2.0 in Schools: Legal Issues, and Digital Media Literacy.

Nancy Willard, M.S., J.D.
Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use

Trying to prepare students for their future and teach them about 
Internet safety without Web 2.0 in schools is like trying to teach a 
child to swim without a swimming pool!

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