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        Further support for notification of relatives, friends, etc.
        please count on me in the Tri-State Area of SW Ohio, (
        Cincinnati. etc), Northern KY and Indiana just across the
        Ohio River (Lawrenceburg, etc.)  Close to the Greater Cincinnati
        Still haven't seen a message from Lois Feldman  the Valley Girl, fer
        sure, fer sure...) will try her by snail if I don't see it posted
        in this bunch.
        If anyone saw the film clip of the LA (unidentified) school librarian
        on the network news today, I am sure you will agree that we need
        to do more.  If anyone out there (Peter?) could arrange for a
        central location to send donations of (books, $ for materials,
        maybe we could collect in our areas?)  Not sure what is really
        needed -- the film made one want to go there and start getting
        those books off of the floor ... but where to put them?


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