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I have been researching ths project for several years, hoping to find
a program that would allow me to use a PC to capture, edit and copy
a video signal. There are programs available, but the cost and quality
are not yet acceptable as far as I'm concerned.  In order to edit video
tape by having it loaded unto the hard drive, the signal has to be
digitized and takes a tremendous amount of storage space.
        While I am waiting for the technology to be acceptable and
affordable, I have chosen to set up an editing suite using Videonics
Editmaker. It's a stand alone unit, containing its own computer. It allows
my Video Club students to edit their tapes, adding special effects, titles
transitions and graphics. We have an 8mm play VCR and a VHS record VCR.
We use all Sony equipment, because of their L connection which allows
everything to be automatic.  Once we assemble the EDL, the Editmaker controls
both VCR's and produces a finished VHS tape.
        This setup costs about $1200 and allows the kids to learn the
editing process while we wait for a computer-based editing program we
can afford.
        I'd be happy to answer any questions, and I'm very eager to
learn of any new programs using a PC for editing.
Ruth Mormon, Librarian
Greenspun JHS
Henderson, NV 89014

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