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        Twenty years ago, my high school, McCluer North in Florissant, Mo.
pioneered the "advisory concept" with a grant from the Kettering Foundation.
I can send you materials and names of contacts if you  give  me an address.
 We have, over the years experimented with various formats, time schedules,
activities and advisory programs.  Advisory works.  Its great for the kids
and makes the faculty stronger and very effective.  Parents love it.  None
of the kids fall through the proverbial cracks.

On Thu, 20 Jan 1994, Gail A. Richmond wrote:

> I know that this is not really the place, but I need information about
> Advisory classes.  We have an Advisory period, and we are trying to
> re-define its purpose, curriculum, and strategies.  For those of you
> familiar with the document, our Advisory is modeled after _Second to
> None: A Vison of the New California High School_.  Please send replies
> directly to me to avoid mail clogs in the system!
> Thanks in advance!!
>                         . . .Gail Richmond
>                              grichmo@eis.calstate.edu
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> ** Scripps Ranch High School **
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