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Next month I will be teaching an introductory interent workshop designed for
school libraray media professionals.  The focus of the workshop goes beyond
using internet for e-mail and listservs (wonderful applications) and will
focus more on using and applying internet as an information resource.

As the planner of this workshop, and an Internet users, I have been
grateful for all your suggestions in the past.  Still I must have missed
the discussion here on LM-NET that focused on the Information resources that
were your favorite.  I have been accumulating many that I have discovered
and putting together a small directory to use at the workshop.

If you are willing to send me a list (with short description) of your top 5
Internet information resource centers, gopher sites, ftp sites, etc... I
will add them to my directory and make it available everyone responding.

Thanks in advance for your ideas and contributions.
John See
Technology Integration Consultant
Roseville Area Schools
Roseville, MN
TIES Teaching and Learning Division
Mpls-St. Paul
Voice.. at Roseville: 612.631.1137
Voice.. at TIES:  612.638.8765
Voicemail:  612.784.2243

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