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Lloydminster, Alberta, January 18, 1994
ontact Liz Austrom, Membership Director, 3675 W. 39th Avenue, Vancouver, BC,
V6N 3A6 (Tel:
604 263-2321 (work); 604 263-3987 (home); Fax: 604 263-5268; e-mail:

ATLC has initiated a Special Project, Winners, which will result in the
publication of a book that will
contain a selection of outstanding teaching ideas, cooperatively planned,
taught, and evaluated by
teacher-librarians and classroom teachers. The deadline for receiving
submissions to be evaluated is
January 31, 1994.  To send submissions, or for more information contact Linda
Knight, ATLC
Publications Editor, 24 Linda Way, Unionville, ON, L3R 2P9 ( Tel: 905 477-0072
(work); 905 513-
0219 (home);  e-mail: linda_knight@sbe.scarborough.on.ca; Fax: 905 513-0351)
onference sessions.  For more information contact Vicki Pennell, President,
ATLC, P.O. Box 9,
Pouch Cove, NF, A0A 3L0 (Tel: 709 754-0710 (work); 709 335-2394 (home); Fax:
709 754-0122; e-
mail: vpennell@calvin.stemnet.nf.ca)

ATLC has recently published the following directories.  These items have either
been distributed
to members or are available to ATLC members upon request.

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