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CDNewsbank is in English and Spanish.  The Spanish articles are from
Spanish-language sources, not the same sources as the English articles.
It is very good (according to our Spanish readers, I can't judge).  The
Spanish readers really get a kick out of it.  I have had a couple of kids
who can barely read in English just breeze through some of those articles.

On Mon, 24 Jan 1994, Linda Ramsey wrote:

>         We need a good source of current events in Spanish for high school
> students.  All suggestions are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Linda Ramsey                            The world is my country,
> Centralia High School Library           All people are my siblings,
> Centralia, MO  65240                    And to do good is my religion.
> 314-682-3508                              (Thomas Paine - paraphrased)

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