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I, too, would like to have a copy of the I Love You list.  Thanks!
My address is abyrd@anderson.sc.fred.org>
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Me, too.
Alicia Astorga  aastorga@ccantares.wcupa.edu

On Sat, 15 Jan 1994, Jill Webb wrote:

> Could the person who posted the I Love You list please send me a
> copy?  I neglected to print before I deleted.  Thanks in advance
> for taking the time.   Jill Webb
>                       ab633@leo.nmc.edu

<abyrd@anderson.sc.fred.org> ------------------- 34.31.15N, 82.39.25E
Amanda Byrd
Other adult at T.L. Hanna High Anderson, South Carolina, South Carolina

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