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The not-too-recent exchange about an the lack of implementation of
Information Power (IP) resembled thunder while the subsequent rush to
shelter under a proposed revision was, for me, a source of frustration.
Does the responsibility to implement IP reside with a professional organization
(AASL) with no regulatory powers?
I am inclined to think that the regional accreditation agencies with
instruments designed to measure and influence compliance with standards
present the best opportunity to accomplish this.
In the USA, six regional accreditation agencies (Middle States, New England,
North Central, Northwest, Southern, and Western Associations of schools and
colleges) provide regulatory influences through the promotion of standards and
processes of evaluation. If our programs and institutions are measured by
instruments with lost relevance, we should be frustrated until we address
the responsibility to achieve the necessary revision.
If your school is a member of a US regional accreditation agency and if the
instrument used to evaluate your program does not contain the goals of IP,
revision is needed.  If the instrument *does* measure the implementation of IP,
I would like to point to the gopher server of that agency. (What, no Gopher?)
The measure of our professionalism may be in how we handle this.  I feel
that those who worked on the aforementioned document (IP) made a significant
contribution to the profession.  When the task of developing and implementing a
relevant and appropriate instrument is accomplished within the regional
accreditation agencies, our frustration may vaporize as we share the pride of
implementing IP!

Koleta Tilson, Librarian
Sullivan Central High School

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