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Sorry about the garbled message.  Everyone should be able to read these now.


>From: "Marjorie L. Pappas, Library Media Program Facilitator"

        This access is available on America Online.  Within regular service\
is access to some Scholastic publications.  For an additional fee there is
access to another service which I think lets students communicate with
authors.  Contact America Online for additional information 800-827-6364.
I am a regular user of AOL and I really like the service.
Marjorie Pappas

>From: Bob Koechley <koechley@students.wisc.edu>

The service you refer to is actually an added feature on American Online.
You first subscribe to AOL approx$10 for 5hrs/mo. then you pay an
additional monthly fee for x number of hours/mo.
If you have access to AOL, you can see a lot of the features mentioned in
the lit you'd get if you respond to the Scholastic Network mailings.
It seems like they're still getting their act together.  Like you, I'd like
to see what a good online service would look like from a company with their
experience in the schools.
All the Best,

>From: ziglinj@uwwvax.uww.edu

KBellis asked about the Scholastic Network.  We have just subscribed to
it so I don't know a lot yet.  For about $295 per year we get 5 hours
online time per month.  It is actually part of America Online.  There
seem to be advantages because it has specific projects classes can take
part in.  They have authors to talk to, writing projects to get into.
As I said, we just signed on.  I downloaded a list of some of their
activities which I will send to the teachers to see who I can get interested.
there are a few already wanting to get involved.  Anyone who has America
OnLine can go to Scholastic and get a little look at some of the features.
Time will tell if it is worth the expense.

>From: OLGA ERBE <aglo@nevada.edu>

I also saw this information.  It called my attention because it looked so
user friendly.  However the cost seems high considering five hours can easily
be used in one day.  Internet is cheap but we still have a way before it is
user friendly.  I'm still trying to work something out so that it is cheap
but easy to access and pinpoint points of interest.

>From: Joni Rathbun <rathbu@hotsun.nersc.gov>

The Scholastic Network is a part of America Online. I believe the
software is free. One, however, must pay a monthly plus hourly
user's fee for the service. I believe, but I am not sure, that
subscription to the Scholastic service includes access to
America Online (but subscription to America Online does not
include access to Scholastic). When it was first started, I was
able to access it thru my AOL membership. The system won't let
me do that anymore. If it weren't all long distance for me,
I'd probably check it out. Just can't afford more phone bills tho!

>From: JGRASELA@umassd.edu
Our library subscribes to the Scholastic Newtwork.
What it is is a modified version of America Online.  In fact, when you
subscribe to Scholatic's network, you have access to America Online
as well.
In addition, there are professional conference bulletin boardss
and software which may be downloaded.

We paid $295 for the software which is a subscription for one year,
which allows five hours of online time per month on the service.

It recently has added Internet capabilities as well.

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