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I have just moved back to the D.C. area from out in
Harrisonburg, Virginia (Shenandoah Valley), and I already miss
these cookies that I "found" out there.  I'm not sure they have
any special name, although a friend from PA said that they
sounded like Amish cookies.  There is a large contingent of
Mennonites out there in the "Valley", so maybe there's a

These are big, soft, *very* white sugar cookies which are
filled with fruit fillings.  Then, they usually cut a small x
on top and sprinkle with granulated sugar.  I figure that you
do it with two rolled circles, filling inbetween...

Any takers?  I would LOVE to make 'em at home--I have family
visiting next week!

Lorna McCloud           Teacher-Librarian
King Elementary         Woodbridge, VA

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