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I have just been called for an interview this Wednesday, July 13,at a
middleschool for a school media specialist position (grades 6-8). I have
five years teaching experience at theupper elementary school level and five
years public and technical services experience at an undergraduate academic
libray.  I have  also owned two small businesses so I have the "wearmany
hats" philosophy.

What should I expect to be the most important professional abilities to the
interviewer(assistant principal for over ten years there):
    a. understanding of the middle school child and his/her needs?
    b. implementation and use of computer technology?
    c. budgeting expertise?
    d. knowledge of the curriculum standards?
    e. teacher realtions?
    f. knowledge of the literature of the age group?
    g. all of the above and other?

If anyone has any advice I'd be very happy to read it.  This ismy first
posting.  I hope I can get this through with the commands I know.  Thank
you.  Please send to my e-mail address.

Elaine Borowick

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