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Please respond to koz27@aol.com.  I am posting for a friend.
Thank you.
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     Hello!  I am Lynn Kozuboski - a graduate student of library science at
the University at Albany (majoring in school library media).  I also teach
art at Union-Endicott Sr. High in Endicott, New York.

     I need your professional and creative input regarding multimedia
authoring and would appreciate it if you would take the time to respond to
this questionnaire.   The results will be used in my seminar paper to finish
my degree.  I also hope to develop correspondences with those of you who are
as enthusiastic as I am about multimedia and wish to share experiences and

I have been using Linkway Live with my art history class.  Students have
produced presentations and "electronic research papers" which are wonderful.

Please take a moment to fill in this survey and e-mail it back to me at
Koz27@aol.com.  If you would like a copy of the results let me know.
Thanks in advance.

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                      MULTIMEDIA MADNESS SURVEY

Your Name_________________________________________________

School and location______________________________________


School population____________

Level: Elementary____     Middle______  Junior High _____ Senior high_____

Are you familiar with the term multimedia authoring (using software to
combine text, graphics, digitized video, pictures, and sound to create
presentations, electronic research papers. portfolios etc.)?

If you are familiar with the term can you add anything to the above

Do you feel that students should be offered the opportunity to create
multimedia projects as alternatives to traditional assessment methods?
Please state reasons for your opinion.

Where do you think student multimedia work stations should be located in
the school?

Do you think the school library media center would be the logical place
to have these workstations? Please give a reason for your opinion.

What are your concerns regarding set up and supervision of student
multimedia workstations in the library media center?

Is anyone in your school offering students the opportunity to create
multimedia presentations?  If the answer is *YES*, please continue with
this survey.  If the answer is *NO* just answer the next question.

Do you see a place for multimedia authoring stations in your present
situation?  Please state a reason for your answer.

What type of multimedia authoring software is being used in your school and
who produces it?

Is the school librarians involved in the creation of multimedia projects?
If *YES* to what extent is their involvement i.e. resource person or
motivating force?

What platform do you use?  Dos____  Mac_____

Describe your multimedia hardware.  What brand machine do you use and what
are its features?

What peripherals are used ( scanners, digitizers, audio devices, laser
disk interface etc)?

What type of Multimedia projects have been done?

   Presentations _____                     Tutorials______

   Research papers_____                  Student portfolios____

   Group projects____


Can you list the grade levels and subject area of the teachers who have
worked with you to develop multimedia projects.

Could you give a brief description at least one project:

How were you or the teacher who uses it trained in multimedia authoring

Can you recommend any books or magazines that have been helpful for

Thank you for your time and your expertise!

                                                         Lynn Kozuboski

------- End of Forwarded Message

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