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This message has already been posted to the school librarians on TENET,
but we'd like to hear from the rest of the world.

The Public Library Division of the Texas Library Association will sponsor
a program at our next conference on Public/School Library cooperation.
It is tentatively titled "Networking with Your Neighbors."  We are
looking for success stories about cooperation between school and public
libraries.  We do not necessarily mean shared databases or interlibrary
loan, although that is part of it.  We are talking about cooperation at
the most basic level - sharing information abouthours, programs, meeting
one another, etc.  Many libraries do not even have that level of
cooperation.  The program will probably be a "how to" on getting
started.  Please e-mail or snail mail success stories (and literature or
handouts if you have them and wish to share them) about cooperation at
every level to me and I'll post a Hit.

Diane Durbin
16466 Hickory Knoll
Houston, TX 77059

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