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Sorry to post this to the whole list, but the address you had in your
question Lynne was not deliverable.  Check the address, OK?

     -= Stew =-

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Date: Wed, 27 Jul 1994 11:44:00 EST
Subject: Novell Problems
Sender: "Stewart Bottorf (813) 588-6357" <BOTTOOS@mail.firn.edu>
To: lynnew@tenet.edu
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Posting-date: Wed, 27 Jul 1994 12:04:00 EST
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I saw your message on LM_Net and wanted to tell you that several things
could contribute to your problem.  Novell has issued new nlms for CD-ROMs
and a new vlm for the workstations so check with your local Novell Engineer
to be sure they are being used.

Another thing to check for is memory on the server, you can never have too
much and this can be computed based on the documentation of Novell.  This
will usually cause CDs not to be available when Follett is running and OK
when it is not.

Finally the network applications should be text oriented, not graphic on
the CD-ROMs cause this can cause network constipation.  Single application
CDs should not bother the network.

IT really sounds like some expert Novell help may be necessary to solve
your problems.  Local computer people are not CNEs and a few expensive
hours paid to an expert may be more productive than many hours of less
qualified help.  I have been taking CNE classes and believe me what I
thought I knew previously about Novell was fantasy.  I can do much more
with Novell literature only available to CNEs now.

Good luck on your network.  Have you upgraded to Unison yet?

     -= Stew =-
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