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Denver Public Schools announces 7 positions for library media specialists
in various schools.  Three full time positions are at the elementary
level and one full time position is at the middle school level.  There
are two positions at the elementary level where one library media
specialist will serve two schools.  There is one middle school position
where the library media specialist will also be required to teach gifted
education half time in the same school.  All of these positions require a
Colorado Teaching Certificate, at least 18 credits in library science,
and three years of teaching experience. These are immediate openings and
will be open until filled.  Denver Public Schools expects further
openings in the coming year.  For further info. contact:

Jody Gehrig                             Phone: (303) 764-3692
Library Media Manager                   FAX: (303) 764-3666
Denver Public Schools                   E-Mail: jodyjill@csn.org

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