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This looks like a good project for those wanting to integrate the
Internet into the curriculum, or for schools who are doing any type of
peer mediation/peacekeeping.

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Date: Wed, 1 Jun 1994 21:38:05 -0400
From: sheila gersh, GETN Project Director, NYC <SOGCC@CUNYVM.CUNY.EDU>
To: csimpson@tenet.edu
Subject: Call for Participation--UN 50th Anniversary

Call for Participation:  To begin creating a project for the 50th Anniversary of
the United Nations on October 24, 1995, The United Nations Association has asked
me to identify schools and teachers (K-12) who are interested in getting
involved in e-mail projects that focus of the theme of "Jr. Peacekeeping".
After reading the material below, please contact me if you are interested in
becoming a part of this special activity.  I will then send you further

Sheila Gersh, Ed.D.
Global Education Telecommunications Network (GETN) Project Director
City College of New York
(212) 650-5792


Creating visibility for the United Nations and its work for youngsters in
America has to occur through more than classroom instruction. This project
responds to who children are and what excites them.  Young children, through the
elementary  and secondary school years, are collectors and joiners.  They are
also champions of idealistic and grand causes.  Common curriculum themes at
these age levels involve the study of family, community institutions,
leadership, freedom, and responsibility, to name a few.  They attempt to broaden
the child's perspective from self to others, to stress human differences as well
as similarities, and to engender a sense of striving for common goals that reach
beyond the need of the individual.

For all of these reasons a project which engages children in a membership drive
as recruits for Peacemaking Clubs throughout this country and across the globe
will be especially appealing.  Working primarily through the school, but also
with other community-based organizations, the Campaign will invite and encourage
children to become members of a unit of the United Nations which promotes world

This project will be established and promoted as a vehicle for raising awareness
about the role of peace in settling world conflicts and educating school
children about the heroic work of peacemakers.  The students will share
concerns, information, etc. through e-mail projects and create final documents
to be presented at the 50th Anniversary Celebration including a Youth
Proclamation.  These projects will be designed and developed by students and


I  look forward to hearing from teachers around the country/globe who are
interested in participating.

Sheila Gersh, GETN Project Director
New York, NY

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