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 Date: Fri, 3 Jun 1994 12:25:37 MST
 From: Barak Stussman <bstussma@inet.ed.gov>
 To: Multiple recipients of list AERA <AERA@asuacad.bitnet>
 Subject: Free Dissemination of Your Publications in Full-text

     Let the U.S. Department of Education's Educational Resources
Information Center (ERIC) help you disseminate the full-text of
your short papers, portions of larger works, and newsletter
articles in electronic format.  The ERIC database is the primary
bibliographic database in the field of education.  The popularity
of full-text, electronic information retrieval has led to a special
project at ACCESS ERIC to acquire and process digest-like
publications that can be added to the ERIC Digests Online
(EDO) file.  This file includes publications designed to provide
an overview of information on a given topic, plus references to
items providing more detailed information.

     We'd like to include your materials among the variety and
number of full-text documents available in the EDO portion of
the ERIC database.  If you or someone at your organization has
written a short paper, newsletter article, or other type of
research synthesis from 2-10 pages in length on a topic of
current interest in education, we encourage you to submit it for
possible inclusion in the EDO file.

     The advantages to having the full text of your short research
summaries included in ERIC are many:

   o They would always be "in print" because, in addition to
being full-text online, they would be microfiched and archived at
the ERIC Document Reproduction Service (EDRS), where they
could be reproduced on demand.

   o They would be available through online database retrieval
services and at locations offering computer searches of ERIC on
CD-ROM. They would also be accessible via the Internet at several
gopher sites, including the AskERIC gopher at ericir.syr.edu.

   o Their availability will help you automatically publicize your
research to the hundreds of thousands of ERIC users annually,
thus giving your work greater visibility and increasing the
audience for your research.

   You can submit relevant materials to ACCESS ERIC on disk
or electronically via the Internet (bstussma@inet.ed.gov).  If
your publications are not available on disk, you can submit
high-quality paper copy and ACCESS ERIC will scan it.

bstussma@inet.ed.gov (1-800-LET-ERIC toll-free).

If you'd like more information about ERIC, send Barak a message
requesting "A Pocket Guide to ERIC" or "All About ERIC," or call
1-800-LET-ERIC (538-3742).

Gene V Glass                                         glass@asu.edu
College of Education                                 atgvg@asuacad.bitnet
Arizona State University      602-965-2692           Tempe, AZ 85287-2411

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