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: Greetings All,

: What is the prevailing wisdom on periodical circulation policiesDuring the fir
 st semester, our students could check periodicals out for three: days.  However
 , at this time at least 150 of those remain overdue, and for: all practicle pur
 poses, we will probably not see them again.: This semester, we restricted perio
 dical use to the media center.  Students: "check-out" the periodical(s) at the
 beginning of the period that they are in: the MC, and must return it/them befor
 e they leave.  Still, however, several: periodicals have made their way out the
  doo: If you have been faced with a similar dilemma, and have any suggestions o
 r: have devised a plan that you feel has alleviated the problem, please share:
 your policy with us.

: 1.  Do you allow mags to be taken from the MC?

: 2.  What method(s) do you employ to check out periodicals?

: 3.   What has your success rate been in having periodicals returned?: Thank yo
 u very much for your assistance!: Denny Hoff: Doug Gilliland: Warsaw Community
 High School: Warsaw, Indiana

   I am in a middle school.
We circulate magazines for one week (excluding the current issue which is
in a binder.)  The fee for a lost magazine is more than the list price to
prevent kids from purchasing magazines from me.  At the end of the year we
sell the magazines for a quarter each (just the ones we do not archive) such
as Bop, Teen, GamePro, and Field and Stream.  This policy has worked well.
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